I am edible. Most people don't eat the green or the seeds. I hydrate you during the summer. I am usually served sliced. - Watermelon, I start out tall and end short. I can be scented or unscented. I am always paired with a lighter or a match. - Candle, I have a head and a tail but I am not an animal. People use me everyday to get what they need. I come in silver and copper. - Coin, From their heads to their toes, people use me everyday. The more I am used, the smaller I will get. - A bar of soap, I can be infected or chipped. People use me to tear, grind, and chew. - Teeth, I am something you can only catch. Sometimes from the weather and sometimes from a person. - A cold, I have two hands but I am not alive. I help the day go by. There is usually one of me in every room. - A clock, I am always in you and sometimes bottled. I am all around you and fill most of the earth. - Water, You can save me or give me away. You can raise me for a cause. I am used everyday by everyone in exchange for goods and services. - Money, The more you take away, the bigger I become. I am on clothes and can be made in the ground. - Holes,


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