Have you ever had to turn down a good job?, What can put you off at work?, If you managed your own company, would you take on young people without any work experience?, Have you ever forgotten to give in your home assignment?, Which dictionary do you use to look up the words?, What time do you wake up on Sundays?, What piece of clothes do you take off first when you come home?, Who would you ask for help first if you need to hang up a picture?, What happens if you turn up late at work?, Have you ever given up a bad habit?, What's the last activity you took up?, What's the best age to settle down at?, Is setting up your own bussines a difficult thing to do?, Is there anything you're running out of at the moment?, Where did you grow up?, Have you ever dropped out of school/university?, What can you pick up living in another country for a year?, Are you planning to go on learning English?, Who do you look up to?, What does N in NASA stand for?.

Speak Out Upper-Intermediate Unit 3 Multi-word Verbs QUESTIONS


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