1. She seems very ____ and is obvisouly putting a lot of effort into her job. 2. With two years' experience in the classroom, I'd say he's very ____ teacher.3. I think she'd make a great team leader because she's a ____ sort of person. 4. It was a ____ decision to resign in protest at the company's pollution record. I would never have done that! 5. I'd describe her as an ____ so of person with no pretensions. 6. One of his daughters is ____, while the other one is really shy! 7. To my mind, he has a very ____ way of dressing - it's very creative! 8. You could say they display the typical, ____ attitudes of small communities. 9. She gave a very ____ speech about the need for more funding. 10. If she's an international lawyer, then she needs to be very ____ in her job.




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