1) I have got a car. a) This is my car. b) This car is my. c) This car is mine. 2) Could you give me a glass of juice? a) Yes, sure I can give your glass of juice. b) Yes, I can give you a glass of juice. c) Sure, here you are! 3) These puppies are so cute. a) Just look at their. b) Just look at them. c) Their fur is so soft and cute too. 4) This is John. Our new student. Please.... a) show him the way to the classroom. b) show him the way to our classroom. c) show him the way to ours classroom. 5) Can you see this new laptop? a) It is my laptop. b) It is my. c) It is mine. 6) What does________ usually do after school? a) she b) her c) he 7) Please, help _______do _________homework. a) me/mine b) me/my c) us/our 8) I know __________ holiday a) your b) their c) them 9) Look at __________ now! a) me b) mine c) my shoes 10) Don't ask Mary and Tom. _____ don't know the answer. a) Their b) They c) They both


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