1) The historic castle which used to be a royal palace, prison and fortress.It is also home to the Crown Jewels a) b) c) 2) The bridge next to the Tower of London which can open in the middle to let the ships pass. a) b) c) 3) The great wheel from which you can admire incredible views of London a) The great eye b) The London Eye c) The London Wheel 4) The official residence of the British monarch, popular spot to watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony a) b) c) 5) What is the name of the building? a) The Tower b) The Clock c) Big Ben 6) Which of the pictures shows the Houses of Parliament a) b) c) 7) London church which is a site of many historic events, including royal weddings,state funerals and coronations a) Westminster Abbey b) St. Paul's Cathedral c) All Saints' Church 8) Whose column stands in Trafalgar Square a) Nelson's b) Churchill's c) Elizabeth 's 9) Who is the British Monarch? a) Elizabeth II b) Charles III c) Charles I 10) What river flows though London? a) The Danube b) The Thames c) The Avon




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