1) _________ should children be allowed to drive. a) no sooner b) under no circumstances 2) _________ after months of planning were they ready for the conference. a) rarely b) only 3) _________ had I left than I heard them laughing. a) only when b) no sooner 4) Now _________ to escape and she jumped from the window. a) was the time b) the time was 5) Many a time _________ plan to divorce her husband, but she never did. a) she did b) did she 6) Only _________ can we start the party. a) when Jane has arrived b) when has Jane arrived 7) Rarely _______ anyone using typewriters now-a-days. a) you see b) will you see c) you will see d) you have seen 8) ________ received law degrees as today. a) Never so many women have  b) Never have so many women c) The women aren't ever  d) Women who have never 9) _______ but also it filters out harmful rays. a) The environment gives us air to breathe b) Not only the environment gives us air to breathe c) The environment which gives us air to breathe d) Not only does the environment give us air to breathe 10) _______ have goods returned to us because they are faulty. a) Seldom we do b) Seldom do we c) Rarely we d) Hardly we 11) Hardly _______ entered the office when he realized that he had forgotten his wallet. a) he had b) he was c) had he d) did he 12) _______ did Jonathan realize that there was a danger. a) Upon entering the store b) When he entered the store c) After he was entered the store  d) Only after entering the store 13) Only after the food has been dried or canned_______. a) that it should be stored for later consumption.  b) should be stored for later consumption. c) should it be stored for later consumption. d) it should be stored for later consumption.


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