Context - Life In Czechoslovakia : Harsh leadership of Anton Novotny, Strict censorship , Lack of personal freedom, Inflation, Food shortages, Declining living standards, Poor quality housing, Struggling agriculture , Prague Spring: Dubcek replaced Novotny, Calls for ‘socialism with a human face’, Reform demands, Freedom of speech, Easing of communist economic controls, Limit action of secret police, Multi party elections, Increase links with the West, Suppression of Prague Spring: 20-21 August - 52 KGB land in Prague, Brezhnev Doctrine, 500,000 Warsaw Pact troops occupy Czechoslovakia , Dubcek arrested, Czechs offer passive resistance , 100 Czech deaths + 50 soldiers, Gustav Husak installed as Czech leader, Soviet’s use VETO to prevent UN condemnation,


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