True: Dubcek was a reformer , 500,000 Warsaw Pact troops occupied Czechoslovakia , 52 KGB agents landed in Prague on a ‘tourist flight’, Dubcek called for greater political freedom , Dubcek was a ‘communist’, Dubcek was arrested and taken to Moscow, 2,000 Soviet tanks were used, The Czech response to invasion was passive , Husak reversed Dubcek’s reforms, Dubcek invited Tito of Yugoslavia to Prague, The USSR blocked NATO radio stations, Czech industry was the , False: Living standards were good in Czechoslovakia , Novotny was a popular leader, The Brezhnev Doctrine suggested a relaxation of communist control, The Czech economy was thriving under communism , Dubcek wanted to leave the Warsaw Pact, Dubcek wanted leave Comecon, The UN condemned Soviet actions, Yugoslavia was a member of the Warsaw Pact, NATO was put on alert to assist the Czechs, Brezhnev wanted a ‘third world war’, Czech industry was the weakest in the Eastern bloc, The USA briefly considered military intervention ,


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