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1) People that move to another country to live a) civilians b) immigrants c) migrant workers d) travellers 2) First to develop an airplane that could fly a) Wright brothers b) Thomas Edison c) George Washington Carver d) Alexander Graham Bell 3) Mobile school taught by George Washington Carver that taught farming practices to former slaves a) stagecoach b) cattle trails c) jesup wagon d) country coach 4) President during the Spanish American War a) Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt b) Abraham Lincoln c) George Washington d) William McKinley 5) Inventor of the telephone a) Alexander Graham Bell b) Thomas Edison c) The Wright Brothers d) George Washington Carver 6) Which BEST describes the treatment of African American cowboys by other cowboys? a) little interest b) concern over timeliness c) jealousy about work d) less harsh discrimination 7) Why was George Washington Carver important in history? a) He invented the airplane b) He created the light bulb c) he taught a new way to farm d) he figured out a new way to play music 8) Which statement BEST describes the cattle trails? a) Cattle ran together because there was no way to separate them b) Millions of cattle were moved on the Chisholm Trail and Great Western Trail c) Cattle trails started in the East and traveled west to Oklahoma and Kansas d) People in business had little interets in supplying cattle to people in the East 9) Which president is credited with building the Panama Canal? a) William McKinley b) Thomas Edison c) Theodore Roosevelt d) Jimmy Carter 10) What is yellow journalism? a) false or exaggerated reporting by journalists to sell more newspapers b) journalists offering their opinion c) Reporting for more than one newspaper at a time d) is against the law 11) What event is partially responsible for Americans fighting in the Spanish American War? a) Spain challenged Americans by putting ships in America's harbor b) the USS Maine explosion in the Cuban harbor c) Mistreatment of Cuban business owners in America d) Jealously of Cuba from Spain 12) Which of the following was the MOST common reason for people to immigrate to the US a) to learn farming methods b) to live in big cities c) to find religious freedom d) to ride on cattle trails 13) What was the purpose of the Panama Canal? a) to create a shorter shipping route between the Atantic and Pacific Oceans b) To help Cuba defeat Spain c) So Teddy Roosevelt could travel to his homeland d) to move cattle along the trails 14) Who were the Rough Riders? a) a group of native americans that fought in the Spanish American War b) a group led by T. Roosevelt that fought in the Spanish American War on horseback c) African American cattle drivers d) Civil War Battle 15) This treaty ended the Spanish American War a) treaty of Versailles b) Treaty of Paris c) Goldman Act d) Treaty of Crisp 16) How did the US benefit from the Spanish American War? a) acquired territory b) gained freedom c) earned more war ships d) earned money for the battle 17) What was the purpose of the cattle drives? a) to round up the cattle to sell the beef in Texas b) to herd the cattle to the railroad to ship out east for money c) to feed the cattle while grazing on the open plain d) to earn more money in Texas with the abundant cattle 18) Who invented the lightbulb filiment? a) Thomas Edison b) George Washington Carver c) Alexander Graham Bell d) the Wright Brothers 19) Which inventor increased production because now factory workers could work late into the night? a) Thomas Edison b) George Washington Carver c) Alexander Graham Bell d) William McKinley 20) Where did most immigrants to American come from during the  Turn of the Century? a) Asia b) Africa c) Mexico d) Europe

Turn of the Century in America


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