1) Martin ..... tv every day a) watch b) watchs c) watches 2) Laura ..... the dishes every evening a) washes b) washs c) wash 3) Sarah and John ..... because they are hungry a) cry b) cries c) crys 4) Mary .....the piano every Wednesday a) play b) plays c) plaies 5) I .... to school a) goes b) gos c) go 6) He ..... his homework every Saturday a) do b) dos c) does 7) My grandma ..... by plane every summer a) flies b) fly c) flys 8) My friends ...... football together a) play b) plays c) plaies 9) Bob and Alex ..... pineapples a) eat b) eats c) eates 10) He ...... a new car every year. a) buies b) buy c) buys 11) She ....... a horse every Sunday. a) ride b) rides c) ridy




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