teeth - Most people have 32 of them and use them to eat., stomach - The part of your body where food is digested., eyes - When you peel onions or cry, they turn red., mouth - When you sit down in the dentist's chair, they ask you to open this., hair - It can be straight, wavy or curly., knees - They're halfway down your legs., nose - When you have a cold, it can be hard to smell things with this., tongue - A cat uses it to drink milk., toes - There are five of these on each of your feet., clap - At the end of a concert, the audience does this to show they like what they've heard., smile - When you want to show that you are happy, you do this., nod - In most countries you do this with your head when you want to show that you agree., smell - You do this with flowers., touch - In art galleries, we must not do this to the paintings or sculptures., whistle - You do this with your mouth when you want someone's attention., throw - Basketball players do this to move the ball to each other., tastes - Food that has too much salt in it _______ terrible!, ears - We have two of these to hear., back - You should swim a lot if you have problems with this part of your body., stare - When you look at someone or something for a long time.,

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