1) The Tower Bridge opens to allow the passage of ships, in a year, how many times does it open? a) 680 b) 720 c) 540 d) 800 2) Why is the Tower Bridge is blue? a) To celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee b) Because it is reflected with the water of the river 3) How high is each tower of Tower Bridge? a) 78 m. b) 49 m. c) 65 m. d) 83 m. 4) How many years did take to build the Tower Bridge? a) 8 years b) 5 years c) 6 years 5) What does the Big Ben symbolize? a) The time spent during the bombings of World War II b) Hope and courage during the bombings of World War II 6) How is long the Tamigi? a) 621 km. b) 476 km. c) 346 km. 7) What is the intruder? a) Lea b) Tamigi c) Severn 8) How old is the Big Ben? a) 160 years b) 180 years c) 190 years 9) When was Brighton build? a) 1620 b) 1899 c) 1872 10) When was the city of Brighton born? a) 1762 b) 1862 c) 1962 11) How many doors does Buckingham Palace have? a) 1514 b) 1223 12) How many times does Big Ben? a) Every quarter of an hour b) Every half an hour c) Hourly 13) What is the most important river in the UK? a) Mersey b) Humber c) Tamigi d) Severn 14) What was Bringhton originally called? a) Bright Town b) Brightonium c) Bright elmestone 15) What is the river flowing under the Tower Bridge? a) Trent b) Tamigi c) Tweed d) Mersey e) Beck 16) How many rooms are there in the Buckingham Palace? a) 775: including 52 guess’ rooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms b) 856: including 75 guess’ rooms, 64 offices and 92 bathrooms. 17) Who are those people with a big hat? a) The guards in the city b) The english police c) The Queen’s guards 18) What is the icone of Brighton? a) Brighton piev b) Royals pavillon c) Brighton museum 19) On the Big Ben there is a light: when shines? a) in the night b) 12.00 pm c) When the members of Parliament are in session d) on holidays e) when something serious happens to warn citizen 20) Who can access the secret room (1844) of the Buckingham Palace? a) Only the king and / or the queen b) Only the guards c) Guests chosen by the king or queen herself d) All of them




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