1) He … a mobile phone a) is using b) is useing c) is writing d) is listening to 2) The boy … at the table a) is sitting b) is dancing c) running d) is siting 3) She ... shorts a) is sitting b) is writing c) is wearing 4) The dog ... a) is swiming b) is swimming c) are swimming 5) They … a) are danceing b) are juggling c) are dancing 6) The cat ... a) is riding a book b) is reading a book c) is writing a book d) is readding 7) He is… a letter a) using b) wearing c) writeing d) writing 8) They ... a) are runing b) are running c) are climbing 9) The bear … the guitar a) is playing b) are playing c) playing 10) The bus … in front of my house a) is sitting b) is stoping c) is stopping 11) The dog … a bike a) is reading b) is riding c) are riding 12) They ... a) is studying b) are studying c) are studing 13) He … a shower a) is haveing b) is doing c) is having d) is going 14) The girl … now a) is getting up b) is getting dressed c) is geting up 15) The boy … a sandwich a) is makeing b) is making c) is using 16) She ... the Internet a) is surfing b) is surffing 17) They … a computer a) are using b) is using c) are useing 18) Our team … the game a) is wining b) is winning





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