1) We visited lots of famous towns on our American .... last year. a) voyage b) expedition c) trip d) excursion 2) Before the invention of the aeroplane, the .... from Britain to America could take weeks, even months sometimes. a) flight b) voyage c) trip d) excursion 3) Do you want to come for a .... in my new car on Sunday? a) expedition b) run c) travel d) tour 4) The plane now arriving is .... SAS343 from Copenhagen. a) tour b) package tour c) journey d) flight 5) The first thing I did when I got to London was to go on a sightseeing ..... . a) voyage b) tour c) cruise d) trip 6) In my opinion, the best way to .... is by air. a) outing b) travel c) flight d) run 7) Last summer I stayed in Brighton and one day our group went on a very interesting .... to Blenheim Palace, the home of the late Winston Churchill. a) excursion b) outing c) tour d) cruise 8) My uncle is going on an .... next year to discover the lost city of Atlantis. a) cruise b) outing c) tour d) expedition 9) How long does the train .... from London to Edinburgh take? a) run b) package tour c) excursion d) journey 10) Last year my mother went on a Mediterranean .... and was seasick practically the whole time. a) tour b) expedition c) journey d) cruise 11) One of the main advantages of going on a ...., apart from the price, is the fact that you don't have to spend weeks beforehand planning routes, finding hotels, buying air tickets, etc. It's all done for you. a) tour b) cruise c) package tour d) run 12) We went on a day's .... to the zoo in Copenhagen and the whole family loved it. a) outing b) journey c) travel d) expedition

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