1) Do you like cooking? Why or why not? 2) Are you a good cook? Who taught you to cook? 3) What are some of the first things you learned how to cook when you were a kid? 4) Do you like fast food? Why/Why not? 5) Are you good at preparing meals for large groups (e.g. holiday meals) or do you find it stressful?  6) What is your favourite meal to prepare? Describe it. 7) What is your favourite cuisine to cook? Why? 8) What is your favourite cuisine to eat? Why? 9) What flavour(s) do you prefer; sweet, salty, sour, spicy or savoury? 10) How often do you eat out per week? What are your favourite restaurants to eat at? 11) Have you ever had a cooking disaster? 12) What is your favourite meal of the day: breakfast, lunch, or dinner? 13) Do you cook and eat meat? What type of meat do you like? How do you like it cooked? 14) Are you a healthy eater? Why or why not? 15) Do you like desserts? What type?


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