ls - List the contents of the directory, pwd - Displays the current directory, mv - Forces movement of files from one place to another, cp - Replicates the file, rm - Deletes the file, chmod - Changes the permissions of the file, chown - Determines the file owner and group, su/sudo - Determines the user to be at the most elevated level of ownership permissions, apt-get - Used to download apps in the Debian based OS, yum - Command used to manage apps and download them from Red-Hat based OSs, ip - Displays and is used to configure a NIC, df - Shows amount of free space in the disk, grep - Used to search for text in a file, ps - Displays a list of running processes, man - Shows the user how to properly use a command, top - Displays CPU, RAM and resource utilizations, find - Used to locate a file by name or extension, dig - Finds information from DNS servers, cat - Displays the contents of a file, nano - Opens the text editor,


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