1) If my grandfather were younger, he _________ so many things. a) will forget b) won't forget c) didn't forget d) wouldn't forget 2) If I _________ more money, I would buy a new car. a) would have b) have c) had d) has 3) If she had an umbrella, she _________ wet. a) wouldn't be b) isn't c) won't be d) weren't 4) You wouldn't feel so tired if you ________ more. a) sleep b) would sleep c) slept d) will sleep 5) I ________ more careful if I were you. a) will be b) am not c) would be d) wouldn't 6) If we ________ a car, we would get there in 30 minutes. a) had b) has c) would have d) didn't have 7) If animals could talk, what _____________? a) they would say b) would they say c) did they say d) they said 8) If she ________ harder, she would make more money. a) working b) would work c) worked d) will work 9) If he changed jobs, he ________ much happier. a) would be b) will be c) was d) were 10) If it ________ raining, we would go to the beach. a) weren't b) didn't be c) wasn't d) wouldn't be




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