1) “the Main Square” a) Dobó square b) Saint Dobó sguare c) Dobó avenue 2) What's this? a) waterfall b) fountain c) funtan 3) What's this? a) Symbol of Dobó b) Statue of Dobó c) Squre of Dobó 4) Eger is a ... city a) antique b) rococco c) baroque 5) In the Castle The Gothic Palace details the history of ... a) the city b) the castle c) the country 6) The casemates are ... a) attractive b) attacktive c) defensive 7) The csatle was built in the .... century a) 14 th b) 15 th c) 16 th  8) the Hungarian soldiers who beat back the Turkish army in ... a) 1552 b) 1562 c) 1848 9) Suleiman could not manage to .... Eger a) concave b) conquer c) concord 10) There were around 2000 Hungarians: a) soldiers, peasants and few dozen children b) soldiers, pheasants and few dozen women c) soldiers, peasants and few dozen women 11) The exhausted soldiers asked their captain to give them something to quench their ... a) thirst b) hunger c) tiredness 12) The captain offered them the local, red ... wine a) sweet b) dry c) semi-sweet 13) The Turks thought that the Hungarian soldiers would have drank the ... a) captain's blood b) magic blood c) Bull’s blood 14) The Ottamans were ... a) scared b) curious c) funny 15) The Eger Minaret is the Northernmost point of the former ... Empire a) Habsburg b) Ottoman c) Hungarian 16) You can climb the ... small steps and reach the top balcony a) 97 b) 107 c) 87 17) There are ... Marzipan Museums in Hungary a) 4 b) 2 c) 3 18) Marzipan Museum is pretty close to the a) Minaret b) Castle c) Lyceum 19) The Lyceum was founded by the Bishop a) Eszterházy Péter b) Eszterházy Károly c) Fellner Jakab 20) The ... has more than 130,000 rare books a) the Camera Obscura b) the Astronomy Museum c) library 21) The Lyceum’s observatory has a 53-metre tower containing ... . a) astronomy museum and a library b) astronomy museum and a camera obscura c) library and a camera obscura 22) Eger Basilica is the ... largest cathedral in Hungary a) third b) second c) fourth 23) The Basilica stands ... the Lyceum a) opposite b) behind c) above 24) The Town under the Town represents the former ... where the Bishop used to store the tax wine a) sellar b) cellar c) celler 25) the tunnels reached around ... kilometers and spread under the city’s center a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 26) The famous local wine is the Bull’s Blood, which is a cuvee, a blend of ... grapes a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 27) the place to go wine-... in Eger is the Valley of the Beautiful Woman a) testing b) making c) tasting 28) the Ottomans ... in Eger the bathing culture a) introduced b) interested c) introverted




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