1) Leto was a goddess of... a) Hunting and fighting b) Motherhood and childhood c) Love and beauty d) Travellers and thieves e) Home and hearth f) Fire and volcanoes 2) Her name means "To... a) love" b) kill" c) remember" d) forget" e) create" f) destroy" 3) She gave birth to... a) Zeus and Hera b) Aphrodite and Eros c) Arthemis and Apollo d) Hephaestus and Hermes e) Hades and Hercules f) Poseidon and Dionysus 4) Here parents were... a) Rhea and Chronos b) Rhea and Cronus c) Gaia and Uranus d) Gaia and Tartarus e) Phoebe and Coeus f) Zeus and Aphrodite 5) Leto belonged to a second generation of... a) Titans b) Olympians c) Primordial gods d) Ancient monsters e) Nymphs f) Gorgons 6) A place where Leto gave birth was  a) Creta b) Mykonos c) Lesbos d) Corfu e) Skopelos f) Delos 7) The father of her children was a) Poseidon b) Triton c) Chaos d) Zeus e) Hades f) Hermes 8) She was attacked by a monster called  a) Hydra b) Python c) Cerberus d) Cyclops e) Minotaur f) Medusa 9) Roman equivalent of Leto was a) Letitia b) Leta c) Latona d) Latia e) Lytios f) Leteus 10) Her sacred animals were a) Peacock and snake b) Cow and goat c) Rabbit and cat d) Tiger and fish e) Rooster and wolf f) Chicken and eagle

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