1) Hydra was... a) serpent-like creature with multiple heads b) the offspring of Typhon and Echidna c) killed by Theseus d) a creature with snake-shaped hair e) the daughter of Zeus and Callisto f) killed by Hercules 2) Charon was... a) a dangerous monster b) a brother of Thanatos and Tantalus c) born to Nyx and Erebus d) a ferryman of the dead e) born to Hades and Persephone f) a brother of Thanatos and Hypnos 3) Centaurs were... a) half-human, half-horsee b) half-humane, half-bulls c) associated with Dionysus d) the offspring of Ixion and Nephele e) the offspring of Zeus and Philyra f) associated with Pan 4) Gorgons were... a) Medusa, Scylla, and Euryale b) killed by Perseus c) daughters of Phorcys and Cronus d) killed by Hercules e) Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale f) daughters of Phorcys and Ceto 5) Cyclopes were... a) known for having one eye only b) children of Uranus and Gaia c) children of Uranus and Rhea d) mentioned by Homer and Ovid e) known for their horns f) mentioned by Homer and Hesiod 6) Python was... a) killed by Hercules b) guarding the oracle of Delphi c) created by Gaia from mud d) created by Hera from dust e) guarding Mount Olympus f) killed by Apollo 7) Sphinx was... a) famous monster in Egypt b) killing Theban people c) defeated by Oedipus d) famous for her riddle e) killing Athenians f) defeated by Jason 8) Cerberus was... a) guarding the Underworld b) devouring souls c) born to Chaos and Gaia d) born to Typhon and Echidna e) a dog with three heads f) a bull with three heads 9) Chimera was a) a magical winged lion b) a fire-breathing beast c) living in Troy, Anatolia d) living in Lycia, Anatolia e) killed by Bellerophon f) killed by Hercules 10) Cetus was... a) a monstrous whale-like dragon b) gigantic whale c) killed by Perseus d) killed by Hercules e) created by Triton f) created by Poseidon




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