1) Galia has a new dress. _____ dress is yellow. a) Her b) She c) It 2) Ron has a new car. _____ loves his car. a) His b) He c) It 3) The soup is hot. _____ is hot. a) Its b) He c) It 4) The buildings are tall. _____ are tall. a) They b) Their c) It 5) I am hungry. _____ want to eat pizza. a) It b) My c) I 6) I have many books. _____ books are heavy. a) My b) I c) They 7) The tomatoes are red. _____ are red. a) It b) They c) You 8) Ben has brown hair. _____ eyes are brown too. a) He b) His c) My 9) Shiri is tired. _____ has a lot of homework.  a) She b) It c) Her 10) Look at the monkeys. _____ tails are long. a) Its b) They c) Their 11) Look at the small house. _____ roof is red. a) It b) Its c) his 12) _____ name is Ted. I am 12 years old. a) My b) I c) You 13) _____ are my best friend. a) I b) Your c) You 14) You brush _____ teeth every morning. a) your b) You c) My 15) _____ have a birthday today. Happy birthday to you! a) Your b) You c) His

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