Who do you live with?, How many people are in your family?, Where do you live?, Do you live in a house or a flat?, What's your favourite room in your home?, What do you like doing in the evening?, What do you like eating in the morning/afternoon/evening?, What's your favourite animal?, Tell me about your hobbies. (Say two sentences), Where do you have dinner?, Who cooks dinner for you?, Tell me about your mornings. (Say two sentences), Are your friends boys or girls?, Where do you play with your friends?, What do you do with your frineds at the weekends?, Tell me about your best friend. (Say two sentences), When do you play computer games?, What do you like reading?, Where do you watch television?, Tell me about your favourite sport. (Say two sentences), What do you do after school?, WHere do you do your homework?, Who do you sit next to in class?, How many students are in your class?, Tell me about your teacher. (Say two sentences).


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