1) How many planets do we have in the solar system ? a) 5 b) 8 c) 7 2) What is the closest planet to the sun?  a) Mercury b) Venus c) Saturn 3) who is the first Saudi astronaut? a) Sultan bin Salman b) Ahmed Zewail c) Farouk El-Baz 4) what is the name of the famous global space company? a) Amazon b) NASA c) BMW 5) what is the largest planet? a) Earth b) Jupiter c) Neptune 6) which planet is called the red planet? a) Mars b) Uranus c) Jupiter 7) what is the order of the Earth according to its closeness to the sun? a) first b) second c) third 8) what is the colour of the sun? a) black b) White c) yellow 9) which planet has the largest number of moons? a) Mercury b) Earth c) Saturn 10) Does the sound travel faster in space? a) yes b) No


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