Mrs Jones was waiting for an important ____ call, but she ____ no bread in the house, so she ____ the baby at home and ____ to his five-year-old brother,'I am going to the ____, Jimmy, and I will be back ____.'While she was out, the telephone ____, and Jimmy answered. 'Hallo,' said a man, 'is your mother there?' 'No,' ____ Jimmy. 'Well, when she comes back, say to her, "Mr Baker ____".' 'What?' 'Mr Baker. ____. B-A-K-E-R.''How do you make a B?' 'How do I make .. . ? Listen, little boy, is there ____ with you? Any brothers or sisters?' 'My brother Billy is here.' 'Good, I ____ to him, please.' 'All right.' Jimmy took the telephone to the baby's bed and ____ Billy. When their mother came back, she asked, 'Did anyone telephone?' 'Yes,' said Jimmy, 'a man. But he ____ Billy.'

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