have no doubt, be in no doubt, highly regarded, have every chance of (+gerund), can't count on, make a full recovery from smth, no matter how (adj) you (verb), no matter what you do, stand a chance of (+gerund), will result in, make it clear that, keep in touch, it never occurred to me, make up your mind, no chance of (+gerund), on the point of (+gerund), short on time, have no choice but to (+verb), to have smth in mind, there is no point in (+gerund), be under the impression, by the time, it's only a matter of time until, make no reference to, change for the better, capable of (+gerund), no intention of (+gerund), come as a surprise, come as no surprise, a great deal of, have no choice but to, by no means, keep an eye on so/smth, as far as I can tell, turn out to be (+adjective), in accordance with, come to terms with, contrary to popular believe, be taken aback, see the point of (+gerund), under no circumstance.


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