1) Mark sometimes _____ to the cinema with his parents. a) goes b) is going c) going d) go 2) They _____ TV in the living room at the moment. a) am watching b) watch c) are watching d) watches 3) How often _____ she _____ the carpet? a) is / vacuuming b) does / vacuum c) do / vacuum d) are / vacuuming 4) Samantha never _____ chocolate in the morning. a) eating b) eat c) is eating d) eats 5) We _____ computer games every weekend. a) plays b) playing c) play d) are playing 6) Where _____ you _____ next Saturday? a) are / going b) go c) goes d) am going 7) Tom and Kate _____ basketball on Mondays. a) isn't playing b) doesn't play c) don't play d) am not playing 8) Gabriel _____ his English homework right now. a) aren't doing b) doesn't do c) don't do d) isn't doing 9) What time _____ they usually _____ to school? a) are / going b) do / go c) does / go d) is / do 10) Look at him! He _____ with the dog. a) is running b) run c) runs d) are running 11) Katherine always _____ dinner in the afternoon. a) having b) have c) haves d) has 12) I _____ a new wardrobe in the shop now. a) am not buying b) buying c) don't buy d) doesn't buy 13) _____ your grandmother ____ after patients today? a) Do / looking b) Does / look c) Is / looking d) Are / loooking 14) Veronica _____ the dining room every Tuesday. a) isn't cleaning b) doesn't clean c) don't clean d) am not cleaning 15) My brother _____ his grandparents once a week. a) doesn't visit b) visiting c) isn't visiting d) don't visit 16) Natalie often _____ the windows in her room. a) wash b) washs c) washing d) washes 17) Daniel and Robert _____ the clothes tomorrow. a) ironing b) aren't ironing c) don't ironing d) isn't ironing 18) Our daughter seldom _____ coffee in the morning. a) drinks b) is drinking c) am drinking d) drinkes 19) _____ your younger sister _____ the bed every day? a) Do / make b) Does / make c) Is / making d) Does / makes 20) You _____ the floor next Saturday. It's my turn! a) sweeping b) isn't sweeping c) don't sweeping d) aren't sweeping






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