1) This antique table dates back _______ 18th century. a) from b) to c) in 2) There is a great demand _________ organic products nowadays. a) from b) for c) of 3) The manager demands respect _______ his employees. a) of b) from c) to 4) He was devastated when his dog died __________ unknown infection. a) from b) by c) in 5) Princess Diana died _______ an accident. a) from b) of c) in 6) One disadvantage ________ junk food is that it leads to obesity. a) of b) to c) in 7) There some disadvantages _______ owning a mension. a) of b) in c) to 8) John is an expert ________ the subject of Modern Art. a) at b) on c) of 9) Mandy is an expert __________ a needle and thread. a) in b) with c) on 10) Sue is engaged _______ a rich businessman. a) with b) to c) in 11) Mrs Hills is engaged ___________ a new social project. a) to b) in c) with 12) I dreamt ________ taking my exams last night. a) of b) about c) for 13) I often dream _________ being a famous actress. a) for b) about c) of 14) There is a difference __________ being alone and being lonely. a) between b) of c) in 15) She differs ________ her sister in many ways. a) from b) of c) with 16) Small children are dependent ________ their parents. a) on b) of c) with 17) A good friend is someone you can depend ___________ in difficult times. a) by b) for c) on 18) Having a broken arm, he had difficulties ______________ dressing himself. a) by b) in c) of 19) Jake was disappointed ______________ his exam results. a) by b) with c) of 20) My parents disapprove _________ motorbikes. a) with b) for c) of 21) We were dissatisfied _________ the hotel service, so we complained to the manager. a) with b) by c) of 22) Kate is experienced _____________ working with children. a) of b) with c) in 23) There was no excuse __________ his behaviour. a) of b) for c) against 24) He promised to pay for the damage ___________ my car. a) to b) for c) of 25) The children were very excited _________ the trip. a) by b) about c) for


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