1) An animal that brings bad luck and is a witch’s pet. a) a bat b) an owl c) a black cat 2) A pumpkin with a cut-out face and a candle put inside. a) Jack-o-lantern b) Tom-o-lantern c) Miss Pumpkin 3) A small animal that catches insects in its web. a) a rat b) a spider c) a frog 4) A large round metal container that witches use for cooking. a) a pan b) a pot  c) a cauldron 5) A clothes item that witches wear on their heads. a) witch hat b) witch cap c) witch crown 6) Sweet food made of sugar. Children get them for Halloween. a) a cake b) candies c) biscuits 7) Small animals that look like mice with wings. a) bats b) rats c) cats 8) A spirit of a dead person. It's white or transparant. a) skeleton b) mummy c) ghost 9) A woman with evil magic powers. a) witch b) wizard c) fairy 10) A Halloween character that is a vampire.  a) Werewolf b) Dracula c) Troll 11) It's made of bones. a) a ghost b) a skeleton c) a zombie 12) Large round vegetables with orange skin. a) eggplants b) courgette c) pumpkins 13) A means of transport that witches use to fly. a) a wire brush b) a broom c) a mop 14) Children dress up scary costumes and visit people’s homes to ask for sweets. a) trick or treat b) apple bobbing c) strolling 15) What do witches make in their cauldrons? a) soup b) pasta c) potion


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