My parents ____ young when they married. My mum ____only 24 years old and she ____ a law student anymore. My dad____ a lawyer and he loved his job. His colleagues ____ proud of his work. He ____ slim, with blonde hair. He ____ very tall, but his parents ____ too. My mum ____ a lawyer, too, but they ____in the same office. They ____ in two different buildings. My mum____ skinny and beautiful. Her eyes ____ always joyful. My parents fell in love immediately. They ____ a perfect couple, but they loved each other. Their relationship ____ serious. At their wedding day, my grandparents ____in tears, but they ____ sad. My grandad ____ even happier than my parents! "You ____ and you always be my little boy" said my granpa to my dad. My parents got a dog. They named him Chubby, because he ____ slim at all. His belly ____ a little bit fat. My parents ____young, when they had me. My dad ____35 and my mum was 31... no, she ____. She was 33. My parents ____ joyful. I ____ a little thing, small and smiley. I ____grumpy (scontroso). "You ____ always happy" they tell me. My brother ____easy, because he cried a lot. His face ____ red all the time. Our dog Chubby ____ a good babysitter, when our parents or granparents ____ busy. He ____ able to talk, but he was part of the family. I miss him. He ____ loyal and lovely. Me and my brother ____ happy with him. We ____ when he died. We ____ so sad, when we lost him. My mum ____ heart-broken. He ____ like a brother to me. My brother ____ able to sleep well for a couple of nights, poor boy. But we still are a happy family. My parents ____ younger, I ____sleepier and my brother ____ easy... and he is still difficult sometimes! And you? ____ you small and sleepy or always crying? Tell me a story about your past.


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