Have you ever forgotten to turn your phone off in the cinema?, Do you always call people back when they phone and leave you a message?, What do you think is the best way to give up smoking?, Do you throw old clothes away or do you give them to other people?, Do you ever look after other people's children?, How often do you put sunscreen on?, Do you usually write down the things you have to do next day?, When was the last time you filled in a form?, How many things in your house do you turn on using a remote control?, Do you enjoy trying on clothes when you go shopping?, Do you normally look up new words when you read something in English?, Do you often go away at the weekend?, Do you usually stay up late the night before an exam?, How many nights do you go out in a typical week?, Have you taken anything back to a shop recently?, Do you get on badly with anyone in your family?.

New English File Pre-Intermediate 8C Questions with Phrasal Verbs


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