Have you ever traveled abroad?, Have you ever tried something new?, Have you met someone famous?, Where's the most interesting place you've been?, Have you ever tasted a food you disliked?, What's an achievement you've accomplished?, Have you learned a new skill recently?, Have you watched a great movie lately?, Have you read a book that changed your view?, Have you ever dreamt of visiting a specific country?, Have you joined a cultural celebration or festival?, Have you picked up a new hobby lately?, Have you had a memorable encounter with wildlife?, Have you developed a skill over the years?, Have you been to a live concert? Who did you see?, Have you explored an interesting spot in your city?, Have you volunteered for a cause? Which one?, Have you embraced a new technology recently?, Have you experienced a surprising personal growth?, Have you learned to cook a new dish lately?, Have you faced a natural disaster? What happened?, Have you tried learning a language, even briefly?, Have you attended a major sports event? Which one?, Have you visited a historical site that fascinated you?, Have you received a random act of kindness lately?, What was your last vacation destination?, Did you have a favorite childhood toy?, Where did you go for your last birthday?, What was your first job, and how was it?, Can you describe a special meal from your past?, Did you play any sports as a child?, Can you share a story from a past concert?, Where were you born and raised?, Can you describe a recent weekend activity?, What was the last movie you watched?, Can you recall a memorable book?, Did you have a childhood pet?, Can you share a funny or embarrassing moment?, Can you describe a school field trip memory?, Have you ever met a famous person?, Can you share a memory from a family gathering?, What was your favorite childhood game?, Can you talk about a historical event you remember?, Can you describe a past job or volunteer experience?, What was your favorite subject in school?, Can you recall a technological advancement?, Can you share a memory from a past celebration?, Did you have a hobby as a child?, What was the last live performance you attended?, Did you ever try a new cuisine as a child?.

B3-B4 - Speaking - Simple past vs. Present Perfect


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