amazed - very surprised, broke - having completely run out of money, cheque - a written order directing a bank to pay money, consecutive - following in regular order, delicious - very tasty, delighted - very happy, dyslexia - impairment of the ability to read, enormous - huge, exhausted - very tired, filthy - very dirty, furious - extremely angry, gamble - a risky act or venture, hilarious - very funny, inspire - fill with emotion or great excitement, recession - period of reduced economic activity, risky - potentially dangerous, suffer - experience something bad, target - aim, terrified - very frightened, tiny - extremely small, ache - be in pain or distress, ashamed - embarrassed, burst into tears - start to cry suddenly and loudly, charity - giving resources or volunteering time to help those in need, cynical - believing the worst of human nature and motives, perks - benefits, strengthen - make or become stronger, cultivate - improve, refine, anxiety - The condition of feeling uneasy or worried about what may happen, awareness - knowledge or perception of a situation or fact,


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