1) When did Blade Ball got created? a) 2022 b) 2020 c) 2023 d) 2021 e) 2019 f) 2006 2) What is the group called that created blade ball? a) Huggy Wuggy Inc. b) Shiggity. c) Bliggpty. d) Wiggity. e) WompWomp. f) Viggity. 3) What is the point of blade ball? a) dying in it b) raging at it c) hitting a ball d) annyoing other people 4) What is blade ball based of? a) Team Fortress 2's Pyro Dodgeball. b) cricket and baseball. c) Football. d) Your mom 5) Who created the group of Blade ball? a) Drake b) Chunch c) Rollie d) do_small e) oh_mygodishim 6) What is the ability that freezes the ball and makes it to go another player without touching the ball? a) Freeze b) Telektelekinesis c) Infinity d) Reaper e) Telekinesis f) Dash 7) What was the first map in the game? a) Firetruck b) Starterplate c) Forest d) Firemap e) Dragon Fight f) Baseplate 8) Are you good at blade ball? a) Yes b) No c) I'm noob d) Im hacker e) im a absolute god at it f) yea i suck


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