1) My dad often ______ dinner. a) cook b) cooks c) is cooking d) are cooking 2) Bob’s sister _______ her homework at the moment. a) do b) does c) is doing d) are doing 3) Mark _______ early every day. a) get up b) is getting up c) are getting up d) gets up 4) My friend and I never _______TV in the morning. a) watches b) watch c) am watching d) are watching 5) ______ she ______ in her bedroom now? a) Do ... sleep b) Are ... sleeping c) Is ... sleeping d) Does ... sleep 6) She never _______ swimming on Tuesdays. a) are going b) go c) is going d) goes 7) What are you doing? - I _______ my mum now. a) am helping b) is helping c) helps d) help 8) He usually ___________ eggs for breakfast. a) eat b) eats c) is eating d) are eating 9) You ____________ a comic now. a) read b) reads c) are reading d) is reading 10) He ___________ his car every Saturday. a) is washing b) are washing c) wash d) washes 11) They __________ their car at the moment. a) are washing b) is washing c) wash d) washes 12) They _________ to school on Sundays. a) aren't going b) isn't going c) don't go d) doesn't go

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