1) I have known my best friend ......1999. a) for b) since c) from 2) I ...... in London from 2001 to 2009. a) have lived b) lived c) live 3) I have had this car .......2 years a) for b) since c) 2 years ago 4) I ....... in a bank ten years ago. a) have worked b) work c) worked 5) They ..... together since they were schoolmates. a) have been playing b) play c) played 6) He ....three novels, and he is writing his next one now. a) wrote b) has written c) writes 7) How many times ......the queen? a) did he met b) has he met c) he met 8) I have had a headache .......8 o'clock. a) for b) since c) from 9) How long ........a member of Parliament? a) is he b) has he been c) were he 10) I .... to Norway last week. a) went b) have been c) was 11) Look! He ... his leg! a) broke b) has broken c) has been breaking 12) What ... yesterday? a) has happened b) is happening c) happened 13) Who ... to since 3 o’clock? a) have you been talking b) have talked c) did you talk 14) He ... his homework since last Sunday. a) hasn’t done b) didn’t do c) has done 15) I ... my homework yet. a) haven't done b) hasn't done c) didn't do

Present Perfect or Past Simple




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