Stock Market Crash of 1929 - the value of almost every stock in the US lost value leading to the Great Depression, economy - system of how money is made and used in a specific community, recession - an extended downturn in the economy, depression - a long and very bad recession, unemployed - without a job, credit  - buying thing with the promise to pay for them later, debt - money that is owed, Shantytowns - places where people lived in tents and shacks, Jesse Owens - African American olympic runner who won 4 gold medals at the 1936 olympicsis because Americans blamed President Hoover for the depression, Herbert Hoover - President of the US when the stock market crashed, soup kitchens - charity giving hot meals to people in need, Dust Bowl - Farmlands of the Great Plains that were destroyed in the 1930 by duststorms, topsoil - upper layer of dirt in the fields, Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) - President that designed the New Deal Programs to help bring the US out of the depression, the New Deal - series of government programs designed to bring the country out of the Great Depression, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) - employed 3 million people who worked in parks and forests, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) - Built dams to supply electricity to the Tennessee River Basin, Works Progress Administration - New Deal Program employed 8.5 million people building roads, bridges, and buildings and also created art, theater, and writing, Duke Ellington - Leader of the Big Band style of jazz music who received a Pulitzer Prize for his work, Margaret Mitchell - Writer who wrote Gone with the Wind and also won a Pulitzer Prize, stock - a share of a company sold to an investor, stock market - place where stocks are bought and sold, value - what something is worth, investor - person who gives money to a business hoping to make a profit, profit - the money left over after all cost of production is paid, social security - provided monthly payments to people that were elderly, unemployed, or disabled, Hooverville - another name for a shantytown during the Great Depression,

The Great Depression and New Deal




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