I have got a funny face in my ID card., You've got a big house., She has got really nice friends., Paul's got a house near the city centre., My cat has got black feet., We've got old bikes., They've got two younger sisters., My grandma has got three grandchildren., My father's got a new mobile phone., Have you got any brothers or sisters?, Has Jenny got a son? Yes, she has., Have we got English class on Tuesday? No, we haven't., Have you got a girlfriend? Yes, I have., Have they got a dog? No, they haven't., Has he got a brother? No, he is an only child., Have Pete and Jane got children?, Has he got a pet? No, he hasn't, You've got much money in your wallet., Joe is an adopted child. He's got a step-sister., My half-brother is the son of my mother's second marriage., We haven't got any friends in Venice., I haven't got my car keys!, She has got a French husband. His name is Edouard., He hasn't got a computer., You haven't got a jeep in your garage..

Riordina le frasi con "Have got" - family and possessions




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