1) I _______ Sarah at the cinema at 8.30 p.m a) am going to meet b) am meeting c) will meet 2) I _____ my mother tonight a) will phone b) am phoning c) am going to phone 3) We ______ you to the airport, if you like. a) will take b) am going to take c) am taking 4) My car is running hot. I _______ a new car. a) am buying b) am going to buy c) will buy 5) Stop crying - I ______ anyone your secret. a) am not telling b) am not going to tell c) won´t tell 6) My cousins _____ at 11 a.m. I am waiting for them now. a) are going to arrive b) are arriving c) will arrive 7) She wants to live in the city. She ___ in the next few years. a) is going to move b) will move c) is moving 8) Do you want vanilla syrup or chocolate sprinkles with your latte? -I ___ chocolate sprinkles a) am going to have b) will have c) am having 9) We _____ some exercise this weekend a) are going to do b) are doing c) will do 10) I ______ a medical appointment next tuesday at 8 a.m. a) will have b) am going to have c) am having

Will - going to - present continuous (FUTURE TENSES)




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