Could I please go home early today? - I don't feel well..., Can I please borrow $5? - I'm hungry, but I don't have my wallet..., Do you mind if I use your computer? - I need to check my email..., May I please use my translator? - I don't know that word..., Can I please borrow a pencil? - I can't find my pen..., Do you mind if I come late to class? - I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow..., Can I close the door? - It's really noisy outside..., Could I borrow a sweater? - It's chilly today!, Could I please use your bathroom? - I'd like to wash my hands before dinner..., Could I come to your office hours today? - I need help writing my paragraph..., Can I try a bite? - That looks delicious!, May I take your order? - Welcome to Burger King!,

Asking for Permission





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