1) Someone told them a joke, they _____ since then. a) has been laughing b) has laughed c) have laughed d) have been laughing 2) He can't walk, he _____ his leg a) has been breaking b) has broke c) has broken d) have been breaking 3) How long _____ you _____ that newspaper? a) have / been reading b) have / read c) have / reading d) have / being read 4) I _____ the car. You can drive it now. a) have been repairing b) have repaired c) has been repairing d) has repaired 5) She _____ the piano since she was 12. a) have played b) have been playing c) has played d) has been playing 6) That room looks awful. Nobody _____ it for years. a) has been painting b) has painted c) hasn't painted d) haven't been painting 7) Jim _____ his car for two years. a) has b) had has c) has had d) has been having 8) My son _____ television for four hours. If he continues watching it, he'll certainly get a headche. a) has been watching b) have been watching c) has been watched d) has been watch 9) My mother _____ the film Titanic eight times! She really loves it! a) has been seeing b) has saw c) has seen d) has been seen 10) How long _____you _____ the truth? a) have / been knowing b) have / knew c) have / know d) have / known 11) How many exams _____ you _____ so far? a) has / taken b) have / took c) have / taken d) have / been taking 12) She _____ since 4 o'clock. a) has been waiting b) have been waiting c) has waiting d) have waiting 13) Sam _____his mobile phone. He can't find it anywhere. a) has losed b) has lost c) has been losing d) have lost 14) Joe and Linda _____ out together since Valentine's day. a) have gone b) has gone c) has been going d) have been going 15) The dog _____ barking for twenty minutes. a) have bark b) has been barked c) has been barking d) has barked


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