1) We have not been to the seaside _____ last June. a) for b) since 2) Nobody has visited her ---- a long time. a) since b) for 3) It hasn't rained in this region _____ at least two months. a) for b) since 4) She hasn't spoken English _____ her last holidays in the USA. a) since b) for 5) Roger Federer has been a professional tennis player _____ 1998. a) for b) since 6) Their house has not been redecorated _____ the last five years. a) since b) for 7) He has been an English teacher _____ 1995. a) since b) for 8) I haven't seen this film _____ ages. a) for b) since 9) My grandfather has collected over 1,000 stamps _____ the age of ten. a) for b) since 10) My family has lived in this house ______ over a century. a) since b) for 11) I've been angry at her _____ a couple of weeks. a) for b) since 12) I've been ill ______ last night. a) for b) since 13) He's had a pain in his stomach ______ lunch-time. a) for b) since 14) Bob hasn't called me _____ some time. a) for b) since 15) It hasn't snowed here _____ last Christmas. a) since b) for


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