1) Have you always ___ garlic? a) hated  b) been hating 2) Thanks for the recipe book! We've ___ two different recipes so far. a) been trying b) tried 3) I'm worried about Sam. She's ___ too hard recently. a) been working b) worked 4) She's ___ three main ways our company can reduce costs. a) been finding b) found 5) I've ___ to call the internet company all morning but I can't get through. a) tried b) been trying 6) He's ___ for the party for weeks. a) prepared b) been preparing 7) They've already ________ two volleyball matches. a) been playing b) played 8) You've got white dust all over you! What have you ___? a) been doing b) done 9) Have your parents ___ yet? a) been arriving b) arrived 10) They've __________ tennis every Sunday for years. a) been playing b) played


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