1) During what era did the Age of Dinosaurs occur? a) Mesozoic Era b) Paleozoic Era c) Cenozoic Era d) Precambrian Era 2) Which dinosaur was discovered in Argentina in 1991? a) T-rex b) stegosaurus c) ankylosaurus d) eoraptor 3) During which period did pterosaurs first live? a) Triassic b) Jurassic c) Cretaceous d) The lecturer doesn’t say. 4) What did the ankylosaurus use as a weapon? a) its horns b) its tail c) its feet d) its teeth 5) When did most dinosaurs become extinct? a) 64 million years ago b) 65 million years ago c) 66 million years ago d) 67 million years ago 6) When did scientists begin to study dinosaur bones? a) the late 18th century b) the early 19th century c) the late 19th century d) the early 20th century

The Age of Dinosaurs


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