1) The radium ___________________ by Marie Curie. a) was discovered b) were discovered c) discovered 2) The first pyramids ______________________ in Egypt. a) was built b) were built c) built 3) The rubic cube _______________ in 1977. a) were discovered b) discovered c) was discovered 4) "Star Wars" ___________________ by George Lucas. a) was directed b) were directed c) directed 5) Harry Potter ____________________ by JK Rowling. a) were created b) was created c) created 6) The Monalisa _____________________ by Da Vinci. a) were painted b) was painted c) painted 7) My car _______________ in Japan. a) was made b) made c) were made 8) These toys ______________________ in China. a) was made b) made c) were made


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