If I hadn't stopped to help her change a tyre, - ...we'd never had met in the first place., If you haven't asked her out yet, - ...you'll never will., If we're going to catch the train, - ...wed'd better get a move on!, If you're thinking of applying for that job in accounts, - ...don't bother, it's gone., If you won't tell me what's wrong, - ...how do you expect me to help you?, If we're having them over for dinner, - ...we'd better get a couple of bottles of wine., If you knew you couldn't come on teh 16th, - ...why didn't you say?, If you're having no luck getting through on the phone, - ...why don't you fax them? , It's nine o'clock in the morning here, - ...it must be three in the afternoon there., If you must practise the trumpet in your room, - ...try to do it quietly!,


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