If Jane hadn't stayed in the sun so long, - she wouldn't have got sunburnt., If my parents had had more money, - they could have sent me to a better school., If Mike and Cathy had got married, - they wouldn't have stayed together long., If we hadn't gone to Jackie's party, - we had never met each other., If we'd arrived just a few minutes earlier, - we might have caught the train., Stupid man! If he'd followed our advice, - he wouldn't have got into trouble., If I hadn't spent every night at the disco, - I might have done better in the exams., He's happy now, but if he had accepted the job, - I'm sure he would have regretted it., If you had remembered to bring the road map, - we wouldn't have got lost., It was a great party. If you'd gone, - you would have enjoyed yourself.,


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