Eleanor: Hey, what are you watching?Henry: It’s Arctic Monkeys. It’s a video of their concert last year. Eleanor: Oh, I hate them. They’re really dull – their music is so ____ . Henry: No, they’re not, they’re great. I saw them in concert and they were ____ ! Eleanor: Oh, wasn’t the concert really ____ ? I bet your ears hurt afterwards! Henry: They did a bit, but it was worth it! Their music is good to ____ to as well. I had a lot of fun. So what kind of music do you like then? Eleanor: Oh, I suppose I’m quite ____ . I don’t really like modern music much. I prefer ____ music. You ____ try listening to Chopin, for example, it’s really ____ if you’re feeling stressed. Henry: Actually, I ____ listened to a lot of classical music. I just like ____ music as well.


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