parabola - a symmetrical curve often used in satellite dishes, paraphrase - to restate a passage in one's own words, pariah - an outcast. a despised person, parody - a silly or ridiculous imitation, pathos - sadness, perfunctory - done in a routine fashion, peruse - to read or examine, pervasive - present everywhere, plagiarize - to steal another's words as one's own, profuse - great in amount or number., quandary - a dilemma, quagmire - a swamp; a difficult situation, quasi - resembling or seeming to be, recapitulate - to summarize, recluse - a person who lives in solitude, a hermit, recondite - difficult to understand; profound, recount - to tell a story, redact - to take out sensitive material, respite - a period of inactivity; a lull, sacrosanct - extremely holy, sadistic - deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others, sated - satisfied fully, saturate - to soak completely, sedulous - hardworking; diligent, serendipity - luck,




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