run at break time at school (sometimes), have a shower in the morning (usually), play computer games before school (never), study English on Sundays (hardly ever), bring food to school (sometimes), lose things (often), do experiments in Science class (always) , do homework after school (usually), watch football on TV (never), go to bed at 12 o'clock (sometimes), have breakfast at school (sometimes), have PE on Wednesdays (often), meet friends after school (usually), sing in the shower (always) , brush my teeth in the afternoon (never), tidy the room at the weekend (usually), be late for school (hardly ever), be good at Russian (usually), have lunch at school (often), get dressed before breakfast (always) , get up at 6 o'clock on Sundays (never), send text messages in class (sometimes), play in a band on Thursdays (usually), do karate on Saturdays (sometimes), do ballet after school every day, play the drums on Fridays (usually), be busy on weekdays (always), be noisy in class (hardly ever), play chess in the after-school club every day (usually) , be tired after school (often) .

Go Getter 2 Unit 1.2.


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