1) This ring isn’t _____ a lot of money, but I love it! a) cost b) afford c) worth 2) Could I _____ £10 until tomorrow, please? a) lend b) borrow c) give 3) My parents have just finished paying the _____ on their house. a) bill b) salary c) mortgage 4) I want to _____ some money, so I’m looking for a high interest account. a) invest b) raise c) earn 5) Here’s the money you _____ me last week – thank you. a) lent b) borrowed c) owed 6) I bought this book yesterday. It _____ £20. a) spent b) cost c) charged 7) We can’t afford the _____ for private education. a) costs b) fees c) charges 8) We managed to get a _____ to buy a new car. a) loan b) mortgage c) cheque 9) She spent €500 _____ new shoes yesterday. a) from b) up c) on 10) I hate shopping _____ clothes. a) to b) by c) for 11) My brother borrowed £10 _____ me last month. a) from b) by c) to 12) It isn’t a good idea to get _____ debt. a) for b) into c) on 13) He paid for dinner _____ cash. a) in b) for c) by 14) The hotel charged me $ 25 _____ a two-minute phone call! a) for b) of c) from 15) Tina still hasn’t paid me _____ the money I lent her! a) with b) back c) up 16) very small a) tiny b) terrified c) enourmous 17) very dirty a) furious b) amazed c) filthy 18) very angry a) starving b) furious c) filthy 19) very pleased a) delighted b) amazed c) delicious 20) very hungry a) terrified b) starving c) thirsty 21) very big a) hilarious b) awful c) enourmous 22) very cold a) boiling b) freezing c) foggy 23) very funny a) positive b) delighted c) hilarious 24) very warm a) amazed b) boiling c) awful 25) terrified a) frightened b) delighted c) ashamed




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